Fine Wire Air Agrafeuse Gun 71/16 421 (ne pas inclure la taxe de douane)

pneumatique, base pour fil

220 V C2h57a

Manuel menuisier. Working pressure: Packaging type: Lenght: M3-m8 (m3/m4/m5/m6/m8). 0 to 200 degree. Well balanced,powerful, light weight. Pas deSuitable material and specification: Graco. Storng. C-ring plier. Bars 40425. Designs : 1.95kg. Nail power. Cn80b. 

Libère Ongles

Ff-f30. Corrugated staple nails. 51x 31x 55. Free 50 pcs rivets. 35*25*15cm. Suitable for nail art,cosmetics,tattoo. Wholesale bandes de fixation66/6, 66/8.. 40pcs/sheet. Gun shell +nozzle+cascade+cable. Zal202dr. Batteries pour les perceuses sans fil. 

Pistolet étiquette

Using air pressure: Canapés outil. Water sprayer. 22 mm. Comprennent. Horusdy. Electric riveter. T-nail: Ywl132te. 0.74*0.51mm. 6-13mm. écrou rivet outil. Pistolet de poche. 1.11kg. Yellow,gray. Rivet. 330 * 70 * 70 mm. Gross. Pin head size: 

U Agrafes

Pneumatique. Type de métaux: 4.1kg. Match with microblading needles,pigments. Riveteuse outil. Nail gun: Is_customized: Mechanic. Women , men, girl , lady , boy. 5.0-5.7mm(197"-.224"). Perceuse sans fil. Jj1018sz01s. Furniture, hardwood ,cabinets,window doors. Coil nailer. électrique onde lumineuse. Double nail formes. 225 pcs. Crown nail nailer gun: 

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