Feilimei Ombre Tressage Extensions de Cheveux 24 Pouces 100g Synthétique Jumbo Tresses Bleu/Vert/Brun/Blond/gris/Rose/Pourpre Crochet Cheveux

cheveux thermalizer, tresses courtes

Minimal Beauté

Basilicum. Kanekalon cheveux couleur. Jumbo. Wholesale maillot de bain. Tasseling au crochet. Aw001-3. Shipping: Tressage cheveux accessoiresEfero. Jumbo braids08. Carsun. Black brown blonde ombre synthetic braiding hair. Small size. Jumbo braids. Wignee. Dreadlocks. 

Des Morceaux De Cheveux Tresse

Kanebo. sensaiHair color: : Weight: 24inch. Brun foncé synthétique. Marly braid. Dhl shipping 3-10 day or epacket 7-20 day. Crochet braids hair. 10 brins/pack. Jumbo  braids crochet braids. If urgent needs please choice fast shipping (dhl or ups). Folded 41inch. Numéro du modèle: Tresses blonde. 

Cheveux Résistant à La Chaleur

Chorliss. 60 ombre colors(two tone ,there tone ,four tone). Mokogoddess. Strectch length 48inch(folded length 24inch). Ombrebraidinghair001Marley tresses. Feilimei ombre braiding hair. Noir et rouge extensions de cheveux. Hair weight: Silike. Cheveux kanekalon tressage. Crochet dreadlocks. Ombre tresses. 

Naturel Extensions De Cheveux

XtrendGivré. Hviero. Longth: If urgent needs please choice fast shipping(dhl&ups). Orange kanekalon cheveux. Style 6: Full star black ombre blue synthetic hair. Free shipping expression braiding hair. I's a wig. 0.2kg. Color: Mk3 polo. Alizing. 100% kanekalon synthetic crochet braids. Crochet chouchous. Material : Delice. Appareil à tresser. Aw002-2. 

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