1.6mm Diamètre Du Fil 26mm Diamètre Extérieur 15mm 50mm Longueur en acier inoxydable Pression De Compression Sprin 5 Pcs

pipe bender machine, v en forme de mode

Printemps à Bascule

Bérets. 0.8mm wire diameter stainless steel compression pressure spring-qs-038. About 0.5*4mm. Compression. Fw-17dl0731. Small children, infants and young children (0-2 years old). Tendeur de fil inoxydable. 0.3*3.3*8.8mm. Gu10 clips. Industrial compression spring. 0.3*2.5*45mm. 0.5*13*9. Compression gas spring gas. Metal r spring clip. 1.2 compression spring. 0.8*7*10mm. 0.4*3.4&6*16mm. Ressort de torsion double. Couteaux de chasse. 

Chaîne Extender 5 Cm

Fw-sp150626-3. Forme: Plante. Porte handl. Cagged topFw-sp141016-50. En plastique 135. Wholesale printemps 19mm. 8.7mm0.5 *5*25mm. Compression spring mold. 0.2*1.4*14mm. Wholesale laser repousse des cheveux. Fw-14dl0716-8. Lry-spring-201703-022. Battery piece. 0.7x7x15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60. 

Plafond Lampe Clip

Spring, summer. 0.8*9*65mm. Tools. Wholesale spot 20mm. 20x10.2x0.8Lettre. Fw-sp14063. Wholesale led plafond clips. Metal plate. 4mm en acier inoxydable fil. Printemps acier dureté. été. 0.3 compression spring. 

Ressorts 3mm

Style :Bdm printemps. Matériel tambour. Jh-w16. Applications. 0.5mmx4(od)x length 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50. Soft leather. Type: 0.8*6*15mm. Batik. 32m,14 m,13 m,30 m,33 m,31 m,22 m,9t,17 m,21m,12m,25 m,4t,19 m,27 m,34 m,20m,24m,16 m,5t,26 m,6t,35 m,23 m,3t,15 m,18m,29 m,12t,10t,28 m,11t,8t,7t0.6*4.7*50mm. Cylindre 60mm. Adapte plus petite que d'habitude. s'il vous plaît vérifier ce magasin de dimensionnement info. Dureté: 12.50mm. 

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    “MOM. Not in front of my friends.”

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