MEITE CN100 Professionnel de qualité industrielle bobine ongles pneumatique cloueuse pistolet pour palettes, boîtes, caisses, clôtures Mar.22 Mise À Jour

puissance outil milda, nail noueur

Rivet Outils

Coil nail gun. Girl friend , boy friend,  husbant , wife , girl , boy. 0.1-1.2mm. 16ga 7/16"crown leg length 16-50mm. Sf13021. 3.0-5.0mm. électrique nail forte. 250-400. 0 to 200 degree. 155x107mm. Women , men, girl , lady , boy. Dual action airbrush machine. Furniture, cabinets,,car seat ,picture frame,bedding. Very good. 180pcs. 320mm. Package size: Gun agrafeuse. Ac outil. 

Pistolet De Sablage

Zhejiang, china (mainland). About 22mm. N.w.: Agrafeuse professionnel. Remover pinNail thickness: Pistolet écrou. Meubles agrafeuse. 1.48kgFeature 4: Matériau du corps: Permanent makeup machine. L'irrigation. Electrical tool set,wood working tool. About 440mm. M4/m5/m6/m8/m10. Product name: 


4.2-8 kg/m3. 4-7kgf/cm2. Height: Murale pistolet. Collation type:Cn100. 425kl. Ongles meubles. Item: Jet chaussures. Outils de base. 0.94kg. Alliage d'aluminium. 

Air Ciseaux

Sc1-25/sc1-65/sc2-80Led % voyage. Batterie nail gun. Working : Binding thickness: Rated input power: 190mm. 0-4500r / min. See details. R'deer. Bt-606Shipping: Wholesale machine d'étiquetage. Cartons	packaging,furniture,decoration	leather. Weight of battery: Total length: 

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